Aston Martin Taking Steps to Curtail Red Bull F1’s Top Speed

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The Aston Martin AMR23 racing car is a pretty close match against Red Bull in the opening two races but it’s obvious that there are some big differences in how they both drive. The AMR23 car is really good at braking, accelerating and taking on tight corners, but it seems to lack speed when going on straightaways compared to Red Bull.

In the qualifying round of Saudi Arabia’s racing track, Fernando Alonso was much slower than Sergio Perez, who was on pole position. Aston Martin thinks this is because Red Bull chose a different wings setup for their cars that had lower air resistance and drag compared to others, which proved to be useful when DRS (Drag Reduction System) is active.

Because of a cost cap, Aston Martin chose a wing that provides more downforce instead of a wing that makes the car go faster but has less downforce. But after the first two races, Aston Martin is thinking about changing their plans for this weekend’s race in Melbourne.

Tom McCullough, the performance director of Aston Martin, said that their plan going forward is to get through the first three races and then decide if they should change it or not. He added that it is difficult to build different designs of the rear wing if they have to stay within a cost cap.

Lance Stroll drives an Aston Martin AMR23 and in a photo taken by Andy Hone, it was explained that at the race in Bahrain, his team made some choices to add more downforce and make the tires last longer. However, when they raced at Saudi Arabia, it was clear that the gap between Lance’s team and Red Bull’s was due to differences in their wings.

Red Bull Racing cars are really fast during qualifying because they use a special device called DRS. But, due to budget restrictions, the team couldn’t have exactly what it wanted for every race. That is why for this race in Saudi Arabia, their vehicle wasn’t as fast on the straightaways as they had hoped it would be.

McCullough said that Aston Martin is trying to make enough wings for all 23 racing teams. While they have been doing well, they also want to catch up with Red Bull who is ahead. He added that their goal is to improve the car until it can be as fast as Red Bull’s, but he warned that Red Bull won’t stay still and may have an advantage over one lap.

“This year, it’s going to be very tough for us to keep up with the pace of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. But every week, we keep doing our best to stay in the game.”

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