Aston Martin surprised by Mercedes F1 “rocket ship” in Spanish GP

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Aston Martin was taken aback by the impressive performance of the Mercedes F1 team, which resembled a “rocket ship,” during the Spanish Grand Prix. Despite Max Verstappen’s dominant victory, Lewis Hamilton led his teammate George Russell to secure a double podium finish for Mercedes, overtaking Aston Martin in the constructors’ standings. Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll finished sixth, with the home crowd favorite Fernando Alonso in seventh.

Considering that the AMR23 had often been the second-fastest car behind the Red Bull RB19 in the earlier races of the season, the Silverstone-based team was surprised to find itself trailing the exceptional pace of the “rocket ship” Silver Arrows while also struggling to match Ferrari’s performance.

Stroll expressed his surprise, stating, “[Mercedes] had a rocket ship. I’m not sure where they found that pace. I expected us to be the strongest car after Red Bull based on our performance throughout the season, but we simply didn’t have it. We faced significant tire degradation and struggled to keep up with the pace of Mercedes and Ferrari. Red Bull is in a league of its own. We just couldn’t match them.”

The alteration to the Barcelona circuit, with the removal of the final chicane, was well-received by drivers. However, this modification eliminated a slow-speed section and a crucial acceleration zone, where the AMR23 had excelled in the past. Furthermore, the increased speeds through the faster final corner resulted in Aston Martin lagging behind in the speed traps, as their package proved to be draggy at times.

Nevertheless, Stroll attributed the competitive gap between Aston Martin and Mercedes primarily to the management of the Pirelli tires. When asked about the issues they faced, he responded, “It was mainly tire degradation. Mercedes did an excellent job of preserving their tires. At the beginning of the race, I comfortably maintained a gap to Carlos Sainz, even pulling away from Lewis a bit. However, after about five laps, our tires began to degrade significantly, and I could feel the drop-off. Mercedes seemed to handle their tires flawlessly throughout the race, and they had a really strong car today.”

In an interesting moment during the race, Alonso radioed the team to inform them that he would not attempt to challenge Stroll as they approached the final laps. Stroll interpreted this as Alonso playing a team game, stating, “We were running in sixth and seventh positions, focused on bringing the car home and thinking about the constructors’ championship. We have great respect for each other as teammates, and our goal is to score as many points as possible for the team. In such situations, it’s not worth risking an accident over minor points. It’s more important to finish the race without damage. The hardworking people at the factory deserve that.”

Overall, Aston Martin was taken aback by the outstanding performance of Mercedes, struggled to match their pace, and encountered tire degradation issues during the Spanish Grand Prix. The team focused on securing valuable points for the constructors’ championship and valued a collaborative approach between their drivers.

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Q: What was Aston Martin’s reaction to Mercedes’ performance in the Spanish GP?

A: Aston Martin was surprised by the outstanding performance of Mercedes in the Spanish GP. They were shocked by the “rocket ship” pace of the Silver Arrows and struggled to match it. Aston Martin expected to be the strongest car after Red Bull but couldn’t keep up with Mercedes and Ferrari. They attributed their competitive slip to tire degradation and acknowledged Mercedes’ excellent tire management.

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CarFan123 June 6, 2023 - 11:07 pm

Aston Martin got caught off guard, man. They were expecting to be on top, but Mercedes came outta nowhere with their “rocket ship” and left Aston Martin behind. Tires were a mess, too. Can’t believe they struggled with that. Aston Martin needs to step it up, dude.

RacingFanatic June 6, 2023 - 11:07 pm

Woah, didn’t see that coming! Aston Martin thought they had it in the bag after Red Bull, but Mercedes showed up with crazy speed, leaving Aston Martin scratching their heads. Tire degradation hit ’em hard, and Mercedes handled it like pros. Aston Martin needs to figure this out, seriously.

F1Enthusiast92 June 6, 2023 - 11:07 pm

Aston Martin must be disappointed, mate. They thought they had the upper hand, but Mercedes brought their A-game. The track changes didn’t help either. Aston Martin’s car was draggy, and their speed suffered. And those Pirelli tires, what a headache! They need to regroup and find some answers, ASAP.

racingfan88 June 7, 2023 - 2:59 am

Aston Martin never saw it coming! Mercedes’ dominance in the Spanish GP left them shocked. Tires degradashun was a real struggle for ’em. But gotta give props to the teamwork and smart decishuns. #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

F1CrazyFan June 7, 2023 - 2:59 am

Aston Martin just couldn’t keep up with the “rocket ship” Mercedes at the Spanish GP. Tire degradatn was a real pain, man. But they kept their cool and focused on the constructors’ standings. That’s the spirit! #KeepPushing

SpeedDemon92 June 7, 2023 - 2:59 am

Woah! Mercedes blew Aston Martin away at the Spanish GP. Tires were droppin’ like flies for Aston, man. But hey, at least they didn’t risk it all in the name of a few points. Teamwork FTW! #TeamPlayers

RacingEnthusiast June 7, 2023 - 2:59 am

Aston Martin got a rude awakening from Mercedes in Spain. Tires went from good to bad in a snap. Tough luck, guys. But kudos to ’em for thinking about the constructors’ champshp and bringin’ the cars home in one piece. #InItTogether

MotorheadMike June 8, 2023 - 6:31 pm

Wow, didn’t expect that! Mercedes really came out of nowhere! Who knew they had it in them?

SpeedRacer87 June 8, 2023 - 6:31 pm

aston martin got a wake up call, huh? better work on those tyres, guys.

F1FanForever June 8, 2023 - 6:31 pm

I tell you, it’s all about tyre management! Mercedes showed ’em how it’s done. Aston’s gotta step up their game.

FastLaneFiona June 8, 2023 - 6:31 pm

Gotta feel for Stroll, he seemed so sure they’d be right after Red Bull. Hope they figure it out!

GrandPrixGreg June 8, 2023 - 6:31 pm

Surprised? Ha! Mercedes was always going to surge, it was just matter of time. Aston…well they need a strategy shift. Pronto!

RacingFan23 June 10, 2023 - 11:41 am

Aston Martin was totally caught off guard by Mercedes in the Spanish GP! They were like, “Whoa, where’d that speed come from?” They were expecting to be the second-best team after Red Bull, but nope, didn’t happen. Their tires were falling apart while Mercedes was cruising. Also, gotta give props to Alonso for playing the team game and not messing things up for Stroll. Smart move, dude.

RaceFever99 June 10, 2023 - 11:41 am

Aston Martin got a big surprise in Spain! They thought they had the pace after Red Bull, but Mercedes was like, “Hold my drink.” The tires were giving up on Stroll, but Mercedes was handling them like pros. And props to Alonso for being a team guy and not messing up Stroll’s race. Respect!

AutoFanJoe June 10, 2023 - 7:46 pm

woah, didn’t see that comin! Mercedes really showed ’em. Stroll seemed a bit flustered huh?

RaceLover67 June 10, 2023 - 7:46 pm

Yeh gotta admit, Mercedes really pulled it off. Aston needs to step up the game. Hamilton n Russell were just unstoppable!!

SpeedThrill99 June 10, 2023 - 7:46 pm

Yeah Aston was good, but not enough… it’s Redbull and Mercedes show this time. Stroll needs more pace, more fight!

VroomChamp June 10, 2023 - 7:46 pm

Stroll’s got a point though, tyre management is crucial. Mercedes outsmarted ’em there, period.

TurboNitro23 June 10, 2023 - 7:46 pm

gotta respect Alonso’s decision too. He put team before personal glory. That’s a team player right there!


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