Aston Martin and Mercedes Unveil Fresh F1 Upgrades Before Dutch Grand Prix

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Currently lagging Mercedes by 51 points, Aston Martin’s race season picks up at Zandvoort post the summer vacation. The Silverstone team’s performance seemed to slump after the Canadian circuit, but they’re back with a new game plan.

Ahead of the weekend, the team has presented to the FIA a significantly restructured floor and diffuser. The makeover includes a restructured lower floor surface, a reshaped layout of floor fences, and a fine-tuning of the floor’s edge, all masterminded together to enhance the airflow and bump up the downforce generated.

To complement this, a brand-new diffuser has also been rolled out. It has an altered upper corner and includes an additional small winglet, both aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the floor’s lower surface.

Fernando Alonso weighed in on these upgrades, indicating that the goal is to find a precise direction, not just for this season but for the future as well. He spoke about the recently introduced parts at Canada and Silverstone, expressing hope that these latest aerodynamic enhancements would meet the anticipated performance levels.

Mercedes is not lagging behind, having made alterations to the floor edge of the W14. The design includes a shrunken span of the forward floor edge wing, aiming to “cut back on losses by improving flow to the back and amplifying rear downforce.” Other changes such as a transformation of the sidepod mirror stay have been made to better the airflow towards the vehicle’s rear, thus boosting the rear wing load. Additionally, a beam wing alteration was made with a similar intent.

A picture captures Mercedes W14’s technical nuance, courtesy of Giorgio Piola.

Ferrari has decided to stick with its current setup for the SF-23, while Red Bull has opted for a new beam wing specification with adjusted cambers and angles of incidence to “enhance pressure distribution and wing efficiency.”

The McLaren team, having focused most on replicating the RB19’s straight-line efficiency, has transformed both the beam and rear wing. Changes specific to the Zandvoort circuit in the beam and rear wing (including a new mainplane, flap, and endplate) have been made with an eye on raising aerodynamic efficiency to suit the drag range at the location.

In their quest to address issues related to tire degradation that’s been affecting their race speed, Haas will introduce a new front wing and nose. Additionally, some adjustments to the rear brake ducts are expected to step up cooling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: F1 upgrades

What upgrades have Aston Martin and Mercedes announced ahead of the Dutch GP?

Aston Martin has introduced a heavily revised floor and diffuser to improve airflow and increase downforce. They have restructured the lower floor surface, reshaped the floor fences, and fine-tuned the floor’s edge. A new diffuser with an altered upper corner and an additional small winglet has also been rolled out. Mercedes has modified the floor edge of the W14, reduced the span of the forward floor edge wing, and made changes to improve airflow towards the vehicle’s rear, boosting rear wing load.

What other teams have made changes to their cars for the Dutch GP?

Red Bull has introduced a new beam wing specification, McLaren has changed both the beam and rear wing, and Haas will run a new front wing and nose. Circuit-specific tweaks have been made by McLaren for the MCL60 to increase aerodynamic efficiency at Zandvoort, and Ferrari has decided not to make any changes to its SF-23.

What are the intended benefits of these upgrades?

The upgrades are designed to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicles, focusing on enhancing airflow and downforce. These changes are expected to lead to improved efficiency and performance, particularly in terms of rear wing load and straight-line efficiency.

How are these upgrades expected to affect future races?

The new aerodynamic parts, especially those brought by Aston Martin, are intended not only for immediate performance improvement but also to guide future developments on the cars. Teams like McLaren are focusing on specific efficiencies that could provide them an edge in certain circuits, such as Zandvoort.

Has Ferrari made any upgrades ahead of the Dutch GP?

No, Ferrari has chosen to leave its SF-23 unchanged for the Dutch Grand Prix, while most other teams have introduced various modifications to enhance their cars’ performance.

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MCLarenFanatic August 25, 2023 - 11:06 am

McLaren is really stepping up there game. The changes to the beam and rear wing – great to see them focus on straight-line efficiency! RB19 watch out!

FerrariLoyalist August 25, 2023 - 8:57 pm

Ferrari not making any changes, seems strange? Maybe they know something we dont! Hoping for a good race.

Mercedes4Life August 26, 2023 - 2:25 am

Mercedes never disappoints! Their technical prowess is second to none, and this floor edge modification will prove it. why dont other teams learn from them?

RedBullRacer August 26, 2023 - 2:33 am

Red Bull’s new beam wing specification sounds like a game changer! Fingers crossed they manage to pull off an upset in the upcoming races.

RacingFan88 August 26, 2023 - 8:10 am

Wow these upgrades seem impressive, cant wait to see them in action this weekend at Zandvoort. Go Aston Martin!


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