Aston Martin Admits Missteps That Affected F1 Performance in Recent Competitions

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In the 2023 season, the Silverstone-based Aston Martin team emerged as Red Bull’s prime contender, achieving six podiums in the initial eight rounds. However, after Fernando Alonso’s second place in Canada, the team fell behind with competitors like McLaren, Mercedes, and Ferrari making substantial advancements.

The team’s early season prowess in low-speed corners seems to have diminished, removing them from the group of Red Bull’s competitors at slower tracks. Over the Hungary weekend, Alonso suggested that the change in tyre specification from the British Grand Prix could be a potential cause, but the senior management at Aston Martin remained doubtful.

Ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, team principal Mike Krack stated that the combination of car upgrades and configuration decisions seemed to have unintentionally affected the performance of the AMR23. He further explained that making changes to a car is intricate, as every adjustment can lead to unanticipated consequences.

“The process of developing a car involves making choices between, for instance, a part that produces more downforce but has a different behavior, or the other way around. We believe that we might have made incorrect decisions in a couple of instances,” he noted.

Krack mentioned that the team had suspicions of having veered off the correct path, but this was only definitively confirmed post the Hungarian Grand Prix. “We had anticipated better performance at the track, but the outcome provided the last piece of evidence that we might have strayed in the wrong direction,” he said.

Efforts are underway at Aston Martin’s Silverstone facility to develop updates aimed at rectifying the unintended effects of its development course. Krack expressed optimism about upcoming improvements, confirming that new parts being readied for the next few races should improve performance.

“We have identified the issues and have been validating them over several weeks. Although the problems at different events vary, we are confident that the steps we are taking will lead to improvements in the upcoming races,” he said.

Krack dismissed the idea that the shift in tyre construction from the British Grand Prix significantly impacted the team’s performance. He said that, despite slight differences with these tyres, they were introduced for safety reasons and thus, all teams must use them. He emphasised the need for learning from this experience and moving forward, rather than using it as an excuse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Aston Martin F1 performance

What has impacted Aston Martin’s recent performance in F1 races?

Aston Martin’s recent performance in F1 races has been affected by car upgrades and setup choices. The team had been Red Bull’s closest contender earlier in the 2023 campaign, but it fell behind in the competition as teams like McLaren, Mercedes, and Ferrari made rapid progress.

What has been the change in Aston Martin’s performance profile?

In the earlier part of the season, Aston Martin had a strength in low-speed corners, but this seems to have disappeared. They are no longer a rival to Red Bull at slower circuits.

Who is the team principal of Aston Martin’s F1 team?

The team principal of Aston Martin’s F1 team is Mike Krack.

What is Aston Martin’s view on the change in tyre specification from the British GP?

While driver Fernando Alonso suggested the change in tyre specification from the British GP could be a factor in their performance drop, the team’s senior management, including Team Principal Mike Krack, dismissed this as a significant factor. They believe everyone has to run the same tyres, and it’s more about learning as much as possible about them and adapting.

What steps is Aston Martin taking to improve its performance?

Aston Martin is working on updates at their Silverstone base to address the unintended effects of their development path. They are preparing new parts for introduction in the next few races and are confident these will improve the car’s performance.

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F1Fanatic98 July 28, 2023 - 6:16 am

kinda gutted to see Aston Martin struggle like this, was expecting more from them this year. Let’s hope they sort it out soon.

Gearhead_George July 28, 2023 - 8:28 am

i love how they admit their wrong choices, that’s something you don’t see everyday in F1. rooting for a strong comeback!

TrackMaverick July 28, 2023 - 11:23 am

These complexities r what makes F1 exciting! One bad call and ur at the back of the pack… looking forward to how Aston turns this around.

GridMaster July 28, 2023 - 4:06 pm

Well, Aston Martin’s in a tough spot! but they’re a solid team. bet they’ll bounce back soon. Go AMR23!

Speedster_John July 28, 2023 - 11:05 pm

The tyre thingy’s a lame excuse… Every team’s gotta adapt to changes, right?


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