Aston Martin Addresses Criticism of Stroll Prior to Crucial F1 Summer Races

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As the anticipation builds for the Canadian Grand Prix, Lawrence Stroll, the team owner and father of Lance Stroll, expressed his hope to see both Aston Martin cars on the podium. However, a disappointing qualifying session impacted Stroll’s performance as he was eliminated in Q2 and started 16th due to a penalty for impeding.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Stroll delivered one of his stronger performances of the 2023 season on Sunday. Although an untimely safety car hindered his progress, he managed to make his way through the field twice and secured a ninth-place finish in Montreal. Nevertheless, Alonso’s remarkable sixth podium finish in eight races overshadowed Stroll’s achievement.

Stroll’s season had a rocky start due to wrist injuries he sustained in a cycling accident on the eve of Bahrain’s winter test. It wasn’t until the Monaco Grand Prix last month that he truly felt comfortable in the AMR23.

Aston Martin now prioritizes bringing the 24-year-old driver up to speed. The team has been facing the fierce competition of Mercedes and Ferrari with a disadvantage, as Alonso has contributed 117 out of the team’s total of 154 points.

When questioned about concerns regarding Stroll’s performance, Aston Martin team principal Krack defended his driver’s race performance while acknowledging the need for improvement in qualifying.

“In qualifying, he struggled with grip, and it becomes very difficult when you lack confidence,” stated Krack. “However, in the race, I believe he drove exceptionally well. We managed to get him out of traffic, and once he was in a clear position, he maintained lap times comparable to those of the front-runners on the harder tires.”

“Going from 16th to ninth in a DRS train is a remarkable achievement,” Krack continued. “On paper, it may seem like a modest result, especially when your teammate finishes second. However, considering where he started, I think Lance performed admirably.”

Krack admitted that Stroll’s qualifying results must improve, as track position has proven crucial in the 2023 season. However, he remains optimistic about the upcoming races before the summer break, as he believes they will be well-suited to the strengths of the 24-year-old driver. This gives the team confidence that they can compete at the front of the grid, aligning with the aspirations of the team owner.

“Qualifying is paramount for everyone. Even quick drivers like Sergio [Perez] have struggled to make their way back to the front,” Krack emphasized. “I believe Lance will take the positives from this race and carry them into the upcoming events.”

“We are aware of his strengths on high-speed circuits, and we have several of those ahead of us. I am confident that we can achieve strong results with both cars,” Krack concluded.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lance Stroll performance

What was Lance Stroll’s performance like in the recent race?

Lance Stroll delivered one of his stronger performances of the 2023 season, despite starting 16th due to a penalty. He made his way through the field twice and finished ninth in Montreal.

Why did Lance Stroll struggle in qualifying?

Stroll encountered difficulties with grip during qualifying, which made it challenging for him to gain confidence and achieve optimal lap times.

What impact did Lance Stroll’s wrist injuries have on his season?

Stroll’s season start was hindered by wrist injuries sustained in a cycling accident before Bahrain’s winter test. It took him until the Monaco Grand Prix to feel truly comfortable in the AMR23.

How has Aston Martin addressed concerns about Lance Stroll’s performance?

Aston Martin’s team principal, Krack, defended Stroll’s race performance, highlighting his achievements in making his way up from 16th to ninth. However, he acknowledged the need for improvement in qualifying.

Will Lance Stroll’s performance improve in the upcoming races?

Aston Martin believes that the upcoming races, particularly those on high-speed circuits, will suit Stroll’s strengths. The team remains confident that they can achieve strong results with both cars and improve Stroll’s qualifying performance.

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oh wow this article talks about aston martin defending lance strolls performance in the f1 races i think it was a great race for him even tho he started 16th and went to ninth and the team owner also wants both cars on the podium so they are trying to make him faster and they know he is strong on high-speed circuits so im excited to see the next races and how he does!


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