An All-Women Racing Team is Planning a Grand Entry into F1 in 2026

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The new Formula Equal team is hoping to have an equal number of men and women working together. They are going to be based in a country located near the Gulf, which could possibly be Saudi Arabia and it’s likely that they will be funded by them too.

Pollock, who used to be Jacques Villeneuve’s manager, made an announcement on Tuesday on CNN. His team wants to make sure that there are different ways for women to get into Formula One racing.

Formula Equal is the latest group planning to join Formula One, after the FIA opened up their competition for new teams in 2025 and 2026. The most famous of those teams is Andretti.

Two racing teams, Hitech and Panthera Team Asia, are in the process of trying to join Formula 1. According to Mr.Pollock, this process has been going on for four years now with the goal of giving women more opportunities to get involved at the highest levels of motorsports.

The idea was to try and make a Formula 1 team with people both male and female, which is very difficult if the team already exists. It would be much easier if all the members are new. He also said it would be amazing if there were an equal number of men and women racers in the F1 group, however, there isn’t enough women who already have the points needed to enter F1.

Mr. Pollock said that the team’s engineering department, as well as its board members, should all consist of a 50/50 gender ratio. He thinks it would be absolutely amazing if there was a female driver in Formula 1 races. Williams F1 Team employs three-time W Series Champion Jamie Chadwick as an academy driver, however there is still a lot that she needs to do to get a super license and actually be able to enter Formula 1 events.

“I’m not totally sure all the way, but we’re keeping a very close watch. I hope it’s true for the women who wants to be part of this.

But let me be clear: This is not just about women driving in Formula 1 cars. We want to make sure everyone can join, especially even at the highest team levels.”

Pollock would not say if Saudi Arabia was part of the team, however he stated he was talking a lot with a country in the Gulf region to locate the team there. He mentioned that this would bring many advantages as F1 teams already travel frequently to places like Doha and Abu Dhabi.

Paul Pollock, from Falkirk, helped to take over the Tyrrell racing team by joining British American Tobacco. However, he was later replaced in 2002 with David Richards as the new team leader. After that, Paul got together with Kevin Kalkhoven and bought the PacWest CART team. They renamed it PK Racing. But then a year later, Paul sold out his shares almost entirely and Jimmy Vasser – a famous race car driver – bought some of them. This caused the team to be known as KV Racing instead of Paul’s original name.

Pollock started the PURE engine project in preparation for the 2014 rules on turbo-hybrid engines. They hired Gilles Simon, who used to work for Ferrari, to lead the team. Unfortunately, lots of money problems caused Pollock to have to stop the project.

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