AlphaTauri Still On Track to Succeed Despite Tost’s Distrustful Remarks

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At the beginning of 2023, Tost didn’t believe in his engineers anymore because their AT04 car wasn’t meeting expectations. However, things got better at the Melbourne race when Yuki Tsunoda managed to qualify 12th and get the team’s first point of the season by finishing 10th after a restart. Egginton has said that the team is moving forward despite Tost’s comments. was asking Franz about the statements made by Tost and he replied that he knows the engineering team for a long time and they are the same people who gave cars in 2019, 2020 and 2021 which achieved excellence on podiums. He then further said that maybe people may have taken Franz’s words out of context and it doesn’t really show the exact picture of things. But everyone is working together as a team i.e., Franz, discuss details regarding situations to keep going with everything.

Franz Tost, the Team Principal of Scuderia AlphaTauri, gave interviews and made suggestions but everyone’s still working on what they’re doing and nothing has changed. Egginton said that we haven’t set too low of goals for our AT04 over the winter so we didn’t lose out to more determined competitors.

Franz, the team principal, is disappointed because the car hasn’t performed well enough to be in the middle of the pack. Egginton has expressed this in his own way. Even though some of their goals have been achieved, others still need to be met.

Our goals are crucial to making sure we stay competitive, although some of them are still far from us. The competition is very tough in the middle ground, and if you don’t reach your targets, you’ll find yourself stuck at the back. When we reach our goals, this should secure a good rank for us in the midfield.

Egginton said that it was a sign of good planning that they didn’t meet all their goals, because the targets were very hard to reach.

He explained, “If you get most of your goals done with no struggle, then it’s likely you set yourself too easy objectives. This time we chose tough targets and though we achieved some things on time, we couldn’t get to all of them.”

Finally, Egginton concluded by saying, “It’s important to remember that even if you make a plan, it doesn’t always work out perfectly – sometimes you don’t reach your original goal.”

The team brought a lot of changes to Melbourne. This included a new floor and diffuser, but Tsunoda had to switch back to the original design after an accident in FP1. Egginton said this showed that they are trying their best to be better than the other teams. He also added that if they want to compete with the others and be part of the midfield, they must have better developments than those teams, which was the reason why they came with a floor while others did not.

We’re trying to make our car faster. We have a plan to keep working on it and beat some of our competitors this season. If we don’t make improvements, we won’t be able to catch up with them. So that’s why it’s important for us to close the gap between us and them by improving the performance of our car.

The recent update put us closer to reaching several targets that were set out originally. And we plan on doing more updates in the upcoming races too!

It might happen sometimes that we don’t reach our goals, which is not good. But it’s not like we did it on purpose, it just happened.

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