AlphaTauri Acknowledges Challenges for Rookie De Vries in Adapting to F1 Car

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AlphaTauri’s Formula 1 car has presented difficulties for rookie driver Nyck de Vries, particularly in terms of rear-end entry stability. The team’s Technical Director, Jonathan Eddolls, admitted that this issue has hindered De Vries, especially considering the demanding street and temporary tracks encountered early in the season, a challenge faced by all newcomers to the sport.

De Vries has encountered struggles in matching the performance of his teammate, Yuki Tsunoda, and has faced pressure from team boss Franz Tost and Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko to raise his performance level.

Eddolls remarked, “The car hasn’t been an easy one for a rookie to become accustomed to. Some drivers find it more challenging to adapt to a car with entry instability than others. While I wouldn’t say Nyck particularly struggles with that, finding a setup that suits him has been more challenging due to these issues.”

To address the rear stability problem, AlphaTauri introduced a new rear wing during the last race weekend in Austria. Eddolls confirmed that a further package aimed specifically at improving rear stability is planned for the upcoming event at Silverstone.

Regarding the team’s development strategy, Eddolls explained, “We have been focusing on that area. We have made improvements, but it remains a weakness. The package we have for the next event is among the first aimed at addressing this specific area. We also have additional updates planned for later in the season. This is the direction of our aerodynamic development.”

Eddolls praised De Vries for his valuable input in the ongoing efforts to enhance the car’s performance, stating, “One of Nyck’s strengths is his feedback. As soon as he joined the team, we noticed his understanding of the limitations and weaknesses. Despite being a rookie, he possesses significant experience and technical proficiency. He comprehends the mechanical aspects of the car and provides targeted feedback on the areas that require improvement, benefiting both himself and the team. It’s definitely a positive attribute.”

Team principal Franz Tost expressed optimism that the series of traditional European tracks following Austria would aid the rookie drivers. However, De Vries himself remained realistic and played down any additional expectations, stating, “I’m quite neutral about it. This is part of our sport, and we always have to perform. I’m giving my best, and I’m not here to cruise around. I hope my best will be enough. Although the current results are not satisfactory for me, I understand the need to strive for improvement and do our best.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rookie driver

What challenges has rookie driver Nyck de Vries faced in adapting to the AlphaTauri F1 car?

Nyck de Vries has encountered difficulties with the rear-end entry stability of the AlphaTauri F1 car. This has posed a challenge for him, particularly on street and temporary tracks in the early part of the season.

How has AlphaTauri addressed the rear stability issue?

AlphaTauri has introduced a new rear wing during the recent race in Austria. Additionally, they have a planned package for the Silverstone event specifically aimed at improving rear stability. The team also has further updates in the pipeline for the season.

What is Nyck de Vries’ contribution in improving the car?

Nyck de Vries has been commended for his valuable feedback and technical understanding of the car. He actively identifies the limitations and weaknesses, providing targeted input to help the team make improvements. His feedback has been seen as one of his strengths.

What is Nyck de Vries’ perspective on the challenges he faces?

While recognizing the current results are not satisfying, Nyck de Vries remains neutral and understands the need to continually perform at his best. He is optimistic about his efforts and hopes to achieve the desired performance levels, acknowledging that he and the team are working hard to improve.

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speedDemon23 July 6, 2023 - 10:09 am

Lol, rookies always face challenges in F1, and it looks like de Vries is no exception. Rear stability can really mess up a driver’s performance. Props to him for giving valuable feedback tho, it’s important for the team to know what needs improvement.


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