Alonso promised more aero efficient 2024 Aston Martin F1 car

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Alonso has made a bold promise that the 2024 Aston Martin F1 car will be a game-changer in terms of aerodynamic efficiency. This declaration comes in the wake of a challenging weekend at Monza, where the current car’s aerodynamic shortcomings were glaringly evident.

The Italian Grand Prix was a tough ordeal for the team, with Fernando Alonso enduring his least competitive performance of the season, struggling to secure a ninth-place finish. Lance Stroll, on the other hand, found himself out of the points, languishing in 16th place. Clearly, something needed to change.

Alonso wasted no time in expressing his concerns about the car’s efficiency, and it seems his message has hit home. Tom McCullough, the Performance Director of Aston Martin F1, concurs that addressing this issue is of paramount importance.

Speaking about this matter, McCullough acknowledged, “Fernando touched on the efficiency of the car. It is an area where at the start of the year, we were definitely one of the slower cars in the straight line. We worked on that with the base car and also the rear wing levels that we brought to Monza. It’s an area of improvement, and it is an area we need to improve more for next year, that’s clear.”

However, fans should not expect any miraculous changes to this year’s model. According to McCullough, the fundamental architecture of the car, encompassing various elements beyond just the rear wings, plays a pivotal role in determining efficiency. And with the upcoming race in Las Vegas emphasizing efficiency much like Spa and Monza, the team’s primary focus is directed towards the development of the AMR24 for next year.

McCullough highlighted the challenging nature of striking the right balance between downforce and straight-line speed with the current cars, a dilemma showcased vividly at Monza. He noted, “You can choose the rear wing level to be fast in the high-speed grip-limited corners. It’s really important because the second Lesmo, Ascari, and Parabolica have very long straights after them. So, you’re always trading speed through those corners versus your raceability and straight-line speed.”

In essence, the 2024 Aston Martin F1 car is poised to be a beacon of aerodynamic efficiency, with the team working diligently to rectify the issues that plagued them this season. As they strive to find the perfect formula for success, the world of Formula 1 eagerly awaits the unveiling of this promising machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Aston Martin F1 2024 Aero Efficiency

What were the challenges faced by the Aston Martin F1 team at Monza?

The Aston Martin F1 team encountered significant aerodynamic challenges at Monza, resulting in a tough weekend. Fernando Alonso finished ninth, while Lance Stroll ended up in 16th place, both struggling due to the car’s lack of aerodynamic efficiency.

Why did Fernando Alonso express concerns about the car’s efficiency?

Fernando Alonso raised concerns about the efficiency of the Aston Martin F1 car, particularly its performance in straight-line speed. At the start of the year, the car was notably slower in this aspect, prompting the need for improvements.

How is the team addressing the efficiency issue?

The team, led by Performance Director Tom McCullough, is actively working on enhancing the car’s aerodynamic efficiency. They have made adjustments to the base car and rear wing levels, with a strong commitment to further improvements for the 2024 car.

Will there be changes to this year’s model to address the efficiency problem?

Unfortunately, significant changes to this year’s car are unlikely to occur, as the focus has shifted towards developing the AMR24 for the next season. Las Vegas is the remaining key race where efficiency remains crucial in the current season.

Why is finding the right balance between downforce and straight-line speed challenging?

Striking the right balance between downforce for grip in corners and straight-line speed is challenging due to the characteristics of the current cars. Teams need to make strategic decisions on rear wing settings to optimize performance in both high-speed and power-limited sections of the track.

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TechHead123 September 12, 2023 - 4:58 pm

truble @ monza, but AMR24 = future, hard balance downforce & speed.

SpeedyGonza September 13, 2023 - 7:38 am

Alonzo & Aston struggle at monza, aerodynamix = problem, fixes nxt yr.

RacerFan92 September 13, 2023 - 7:43 am

aston martin promiz aero effciency? gud luck 4 next season!

F1Geek September 13, 2023 - 11:22 am

Alonso say car not fast enuf on str8s, team wrking hard, 2024 = big hope!


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