Alonso Praises Aston Martin as the Most Confidence-Boosting F1 Project of His Career

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Former Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso, who has raced for Renault, Ferrari, and McLaren, achieved his sixth podium finish of the 2023 season in Canada last weekend. This impressive result marked a significant improvement compared to his previous seven full-time seasons in F1, where he only managed to secure three top-three finishes.

Alonso clinched second place in Montreal, finishing 9.57 seconds behind the dominant winner, Max Verstappen. Notably, he successfully fended off Lewis Hamilton’s pursuit, keeping him outside the DRS (Drag Reduction System) range during the final stint.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Alonso emphasized that this race showcased Aston Martin’s most competitive performance of the year. He highlighted their ability to match Red Bull’s pace for the majority of the race.

These outstanding displays have instilled in the 32-time Grand Prix winner and double Le Mans 24 Hours victor a level of confidence in Aston Martin that surpasses any other project he has been a part of throughout his career.

Regarding his experience with the team, the 41-year-old expressed his satisfaction, stating, “Everything is going well. Honestly, I can’t recall a time in my career when I felt this confident with a team and its project.”

Despite his optimism, Alonso has yet to make a firm decision regarding his future with the team. However, he ideally wishes to remain in the driver’s seat if Aston Martin continues to progress and positions itself as a title contender.

He elaborated, “Since it’s more of a medium- to long-term project, I’m uncertain if I will still be driving. I always have the intention to do so as long as I feel fast and continue to enjoy it. But for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying my time.”

In the short term, Alonso maintains his goal of securing a race win in 2023, based on his belief in Aston Martin’s capability to further develop the AMR23.

He affirmed, “I believe there is more to come. I want to win a race this year… the car is heading in the right direction, so more opportunities will arise.”

Aston Martin’s team principal, Mike Krack, downplayed any frustration about missing out on the battle with Verstappen for victory in Canada, saying, “Not at all.” He recognized the challenges but emphasized their motivation to bridge the gap and strive for better results in upcoming races.

In summary:

  • Fernando Alonso praised Aston Martin as the most confidence-inspiring project in his F1 career.
  • He achieved his sixth podium finish of the season in Canada, doubling his previous top-three results.
  • Alonso commended Aston Martin’s competitiveness and pace, mentioning their ability to match Red Bull.
  • The Spaniard expressed his confidence in the team and project, highlighting his satisfaction.
  • He remains uncertain about his future with Aston Martin but hopes to continue driving if the team progresses.
  • Alonso aims to secure a race win in 2023, trusting in Aston Martin’s development.
  • Aston Martin’s team principal, Mike Krack, sees their close competition with Verstappen as motivation for improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Confidence-inspiring

Q: How many podium finishes has Fernando Alonso achieved in the 2023 F1 season?

A: Fernando Alonso has secured six podium finishes in the 2023 F1 season so far, marking a significant improvement compared to his previous seasons.

Q: How does Alonso describe Aston Martin’s performance in the race?

A: Alonso describes Aston Martin’s performance in the race as their most competitive of the year, matching the pace of Red Bull for a major part of the race.

Q: What is Alonso’s level of confidence in Aston Martin compared to other projects in his career?

A: According to Alonso, he has never felt as confident with a team and project as he does with Aston Martin, stating that everything is going well and he is thoroughly satisfied.

Q: Is Alonso committed to driving for Aston Martin in the future?

A: While Alonso has not made a final decision, he ideally wants to continue driving for Aston Martin if the team keeps progressing and becomes a title contender.

Q: What are Alonso’s goals for the 2023 season?

A: Alonso aims to secure a race win in the 2023 season and believes in Aston Martin’s ability to develop the AMR23 further.

Q: How does Aston Martin’s team principal view their performance in the recent race?

A: Aston Martin’s team principal, Mike Krack, is not frustrated despite missing out on victory. He sees their close competition with the leaders as motivating and emphasizes their efforts to close the gap in future races.

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CarLover22 June 23, 2023 - 8:49 pm

Aston Martin is on the rise in F1, and Alonso is showin’ why he’s a top driver. Can’t wait to see how they develop the car and if they can challenge for the title.

RaceFan123 June 23, 2023 - 9:40 pm

Wow, 6 podiums for Alonso already! Aston Martin must be doin’ somethin’ right. Can’t wait to see if they win a race this year.

F1Insider June 23, 2023 - 10:27 pm

It’s great to see Alonso havin’ such a good time at Aston Martin. His positive vibes and hunger for victory are infectious. Here’s hopin’ they achieve even greater success in the future.

SpeedDemon7 June 23, 2023 - 10:29 pm

Alonso’s faith in Aston Martin is impressive. He’s got more confidence in this project than anythin’ else in his whole career. That’s sayin’ somethin’!

F1Fanatic84 June 23, 2023 - 10:39 pm

fernando alonso is showin’ his stuff with aston martin, and he’s like super confident in ’em! go alonso go!


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