Alonso Mulls Over Aggressive Move on Verstappen at F1’s Dutch Grand Prix

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In a rain-soaked and red-flag interrupted showdown at Zandvoort, Alonso secured the runner-up position, trailing the local sensation Verstappen in his Red Bull by a mere 3.7 seconds.

As the weather cleared and the race was set to resume with just six laps remaining, Alonso contemplated going for broke with an audacious move on Verstappen at the first turn. However, he wisecracked that he thought twice about it, not wanting to become “Public Enemy Number One” by potentially knocking out Verstappen and ruining the festive mood among the legions of orange-clad Dutch fans.

“I was toying with the idea of making my move during the final restart. But then it dawned on me—I’d become a villain in this sea of orange fandom if I messed it up, so I kept my cool and stayed in second,” Alonso quipped.

“Experiencing the atmosphere at Zandvoort is a one-of-a-kind affair. Initially, I didn’t think I’d ever set foot on a Zandvoort podium, considering my circumstances. But sharing this special moment today with Max and Pierre [Gasly, who finished third] is something I won’t forget.”

For Alonso and his Aston Martin squad, the Zandvoort race signaled a return to prominence and a podium finish after a series of challenges prior to the summer hiatus.

During the chaotic first leg of the race, Alonso skillfully advanced his position from fifth to third, eventually sliding into the second slot after Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate, veered off the track just before the appearance of the red flag on lap 65.

Radiating confidence, Alonso assured his team via the team radio after the race, “Victory is within reach; we’re on the cusp.”

Until that moment materializes, the 42-year-old Spaniard relished clinching his seventh podium of the season, courtesy of a car he described as “soaring” through the dunes of the Dutch circuit.

“A word to describe today’s race? Intense—especially with the opening in soggy conditions,” the double world champion elaborated.

“We showed some serious speed. Perhaps we could have pitted a lap earlier, but so could have the leaders. Our car was an absolute beast today—nimble, responsive, and downright trustworthy. On a day like this, you need a car that doesn’t second-guess you. And let me tell you, I had complete faith in my ride today; it was a joy to be in the cockpit.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fernando Alonso Dutch Grand Prix

What race is the article about?

The article is about the F1 Dutch Grand Prix held at Zandvoort, which was affected by rain and red-flag interruptions.

Who finished first and second in the race?

Max Verstappen finished first, delighting his home crowd, while Fernando Alonso clinched the second position.

Did Alonso consider making a move on Verstappen?

Yes, Alonso contemplated executing an aggressive move on Verstappen during the final restart of the race. However, he decided against it, humorously noting that he didn’t want to ruin the celebration among the sea of orange-clad Verstappen supporters in the grandstands.

How did Alonso feel about the atmosphere at Zandvoort?

Alonso found the energy at Zandvoort to be unique and special. He mentioned that he initially didn’t believe he would ever experience a Zandvoort podium but felt that sharing it with Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly was memorable.

How did Alonso describe his car’s performance?

Alonso described his car as “flying” and “very competitive” during the race. He also mentioned that it was very easy to drive and that he had complete trust in it, especially in the challenging wet conditions.

What did Alonso say to his team after the race?

After the race, Alonso communicated with his team via team radio, exuding confidence and stating, “We will win a race soon, we are getting closer.”

How many podiums has Alonso had this season?

Fernando Alonso has had seven podium finishes during the current F1 season, as of the Dutch Grand Prix.

What happened to the other Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez?

Sergio Perez went off the road just before the red flag came out on lap 65, which ultimately allowed Alonso to move up to the second position.

How did Alonso climb up the ranks during the race?

During the early phases of the race, Alonso advanced from his fifth-place starting position to third. He later ascended to second place after Sergio Perez veered off the track.

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TechTalk August 27, 2023 - 10:26 pm

Wonder what kinda setup they had on that Aston Martin, seemed really suited for the wet track. If anyone got more info, spill!

RedBullFanatic August 28, 2023 - 12:48 am

Feel bad for Perez tho. Goes off track and Alonso swoops in like an opportunist. That’s racing I guess.

LastLapLinda August 28, 2023 - 4:06 am

Alonso’s team radio messages are always gold. “We will win a race soon, we are getting closer” Love the optimism. Keep pushing!

OrangeCrush August 28, 2023 - 7:46 am

As a Verstappen fan, gotta say I’m relieved Alonso didn’t go for it. The atmosphere here in Zandvoort was electric, dont ruin the party man!

NostalgiaFan August 28, 2023 - 9:19 am

42 and still going strong, Alonso’s like the Tom Brady of F1. Hope he does win one soon, as he told his team.

CircuitGuru August 28, 2023 - 12:27 pm

Zandvoort’s one of those tracks where anything can happen, especially with weather like that. Props to all for keepin it relatively clean.

SpeedJunkie42 August 28, 2023 - 1:21 pm

Man, Alonso’s still got it, huh? Coulda taken Verstappen but decided to play it cool. Respect!

GearHead99 August 28, 2023 - 2:30 pm

Car was “flying?” haha, Alonso’s never short on confidence. That Aston Martin’s lookin more competitive by the race.

RainOrShine August 28, 2023 - 3:09 pm

That race was a wet mess, but hey, made it more exciting. Good on Alonso for keepin his cool in those conditions.

PodiumChaser August 28, 2023 - 4:08 pm

Seven podiums this season? Alonso’s quietly having a heck of a year. Watch out, he’s in it for more than just the fun.


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