Alonso: F1 European Races Will See a Shifting Pecking Order

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Red Bull has won every race this season, which started in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Though they are still the best team, Mercedes took second place from Aston Martin at the most recent race. Unfortunately, the next race (in China) has been cancelled and now there is a four-week break until the next one which will be held in Azerbaijan from April 28th -30th. After that pause, teams will have special improvements to their cars for when they return for races in Europe.

Alonso says that if new parts are added, it will make it easier for the standings to change many times during the season.

When asked by, the two-time world champion said that the battle between Aston and Mercedes in Melbourne showed us one thing: getting a good qualifying time is really important, as both teams have very similar race paces. It will be really interesting to see which team can improve their car fastest from here on out!

Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes F1 team said that it is hard to bring new upgrades for the first three races of this racing season because they took place in different places outside Europe. However, during the rest of the races we could see teams starting to make changes each race depending on what kind of upgrade will work best.

McLaren has promised to give an update to their limited MCL06 car in Baku, but they don’t expect it to be too helpful for their bad start this year. Mercedes also has some new parts that are still being tested and suspension changes that might help with grip. But Toto Wolff said these changes won’t happen until May.

Two-time champion Alonso was pleased with Aston’s performance in the season so far, since he has achieved three podiums. He suggested that even if his team loses in the development war, it could still be a success for them. He also added that getting into the podium function was something unexpected and any additional result from this point will just be considered a plus.

He said that we are trying our best to become better as a team, but competing with strong teams like Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari is making it difficult. We’ll take 2023 year in the most humble way possible and just see how things go.

– Wolff said that F1 should approach the making of rules with “precision” not by creating overly strong rules.

Verstappen still doesn’t like the idea of F1 sprints even though it’s being talked about.

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