Alonso Expresses Admiration for Newey’s F1 Legacy

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In the high-octane world of Formula 1, few names shine as brightly as Adrian Newey, the Chief Technical Officer at Red Bull Racing. His illustrious career is marked by designing 10 world championship-winning cars, earning him the reputation of being one of the finest F1 engineers ever. Newey himself, in a candid moment earlier this year, shared some personal reflections, revealing his slight tinge of regret at not having the opportunity to work with F1 legends Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, as well as a missed chance to join Ferrari.

During an episode of the ‘Beyond the Grid’ podcast, Newey expressed, “It would have been a dream to collaborate with Fernando and Lewis. However, sometimes things don’t align in life, and that’s just how it pans out.”

This sentiment, when later shared with Fernando Alonso, elicited a response brimming with respect and admiration. Alonso, a veteran in the sport and a two-time world champion now driving for Aston Martin, considers his career overlap with Newey a stroke of fortune. Alonso didn’t shy away from expressing his longstanding admiration for Newey, stating, “He’s a true icon in our sport. We’ve nearly joined forces several times, and we’ve had discussions about it.”

Alonso reminisced about a special moment when he penned the prologue for Newey’s book released in Spain, illustrating the mutual respect between the two. “For me, it’s an honor to be part of an era graced by Adrian Newey’s genius. While we haven’t worked directly together, I cherish the times we’ve been in the same F1 paddock.”

He also humorously acknowledged the impact of Newey’s designs on his own career, quipping that Newey’s creations have been a formidable obstacle for many drivers, himself included, in their quest for championships.

As Alonso looks to the future, he still harbors the hope of collaborating with Newey, even if it’s through experiencing the Aston Martin Valkyrie, a project initially led by Newey. “Driving the Valkyrie might give me a taste of what could have been, and that thought alone is quite thrilling,” Alonso mused.

Amidst their mutual respect and the playful banter, Alonso’s reflections capture the essence of Formula 1’s competitive spirit and the deep admiration professionals have for each other’s talents, even as rivals on the track.

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Reported by Alex Kalinauckas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Alonso-Newey Collaboration

What did Fernando Alonso say about Adrian Newey?

Alonso expressed great admiration for Newey, acknowledging his impact on Formula 1 and his own career. He considered it a privilege to have been in the same era as Newey and humorously mentioned how Newey’s cars have been a challenge for many drivers in their quest for championships. Alonso also expressed a wish to someday work with Newey, hinting at driving the Aston Martin Valkyrie as a taste of what collaboration might feel like.

Has Fernando Alonso ever worked directly with Adrian Newey?

No, Fernando Alonso has never worked directly with Adrian Newey. While he expressed a strong desire and admiration for such a collaboration, circumstances never aligned for them to work together in Formula 1. However, Alonso did have the opportunity to write the prologue for Newey’s book released in Spain, indicating a mutual respect and professional admiration.

Did Adrian Newey express any regrets about his career in Formula 1?

Yes, Adrian Newey shared some personal reflections on his career, expressing emotional regrets about not having the opportunity to work with Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, as well as a missed chance to join Ferrari. These comments were made during his appearance on the ‘Beyond the Grid’ podcast.

What is Fernando Alonso’s current role in Formula 1?

As of the time of the interview, Fernando Alonso is a two-time world champion driving for Aston Martin in Formula 1. He is known for his extensive experience and success in the sport.

What humorous comment did Alonso make about Newey’s impact in F1?

Alonso joked that Adrian Newey is responsible for preventing 19 drivers over two decades from winning championships. This comment was made in light of the competitive edge Newey’s car designs have provided in the Formula 1 championships.

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RacingJunkie December 10, 2023 - 10:17 pm

Alonso writing the prologue for Newey’s book? didn’t know about that, shows the mutual respect these guys have, F1’s more than just racing, its about the people in it.

SpeedyRacer99 December 10, 2023 - 10:39 pm

Wow, Alonso really respects Newey huh? its cool to see such admiration between top F1 figures, Newey’s cars are legendary but Alonso’s still got jokes about them!

GearheadGuru December 11, 2023 - 7:56 am

missed the part where they talked about Aston Martin’s Valkyrie project, that car’s gonna be a beast with Newey’s touch, can’t wait to see it on the roads.

TracksideTina December 11, 2023 - 11:01 am

Adrian Newey’s a genius, no doubt! but its funny how Alonso turns his F1 frustrations into humor, shows what a good sport he is.


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