Alonso Anticipates Williams and Ferrari to Shine in Monza F1 Battle for Podium

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Following his impressive second-place finish in the Dutch GP last weekend, Fernando Alonso is gearing up for the Monza circuit in Italy. However, the unique low-downforce nature of the track might not play to the strengths of his Aston Martin car.

In the lead-up to the upcoming race weekend, Alonso shared insights from the early simulation data gathered by his team. The data suggests that his team might find itself playing second fiddle to both Williams and Ferrari.

In Alonso’s own words, “They will be fast. I think two teams in our numbers will stand out here. One is Williams, with the top speed that they showed throughout the season, and the other one will be Ferrari. Like in Canada, with these long straights, short corners, chicanes, and things like that, they are super-fast. So, those two teams will be, I think, the biggest challenge for us in terms of competitiveness, and they could fight for the podium between them.”

Alonso’s recent runner-up position at the Dutch GP brought an end to a four-race streak where he had missed out on podium finishes, even though he had initially started the season as a strong contender against Red Bull.

Aston Martin, reflecting on their performance dip during that period, attributed it to the side effects of new upgrades introduced to the car. Alonso, however, has a slightly different take. According to him, there is still no concrete explanation for the performance fluctuations.

Addressing his challenges in races like Austria and Belgium, Alonso said, “I don’t know. Sometimes you start the weekend and you feel the car is not responding to your inputs. You’re not comfortable on the way into the corners or you feel something that is not connected to the car. And then you start changing a few things on the setup, and you’re just improving one axle and making the other axle worse.”

He emphasized the delicate balance that the team must strike in optimizing the car’s performance. “You’re just living on a fine line, but you are never happy. So it happened too often in July, especially. It could be down to the car performance, to the package that we were running at that time. There were a couple of different thoughts about our difficulties in that month, but there is no clear explanation.”

As the Monza F1 race approaches, all eyes will be on whether Williams and Ferrari can indeed seize the spotlight as Alonso predicts, making the battle for the podium an exhilarating showdown to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Monza F1 Predictions

What was Alonso’s prediction for the Monza F1 race?

Alonso predicted that Williams and Ferrari would stand out in the Monza F1 race due to their top speed and performance on long straights.

What challenges did Alonso’s Aston Martin face at the Monza circuit?

The low-downforce nature of the Monza circuit was expected to be less favorable for Alonso’s Aston Martin car.

How did Alonso perform in the Dutch GP?

Alonso secured an impressive second-place finish in the Dutch GP, ending a four-race streak without a podium.

Why did Alonso mention Williams and Ferrari as standout teams?

Alonso believed that their top speed and performance characteristics on tracks with long straights and short corners would make Williams and Ferrari strong contenders.

What caused Alonso’s performance dip in previous races?

Aston Martin attributed it to side effects from new upgrades, while Alonso suggested that the car wasn’t responding well to his inputs and the setup adjustments were challenging.

What were the challenges Alonso faced in July?

Alonso faced difficulties with his car’s response to inputs and the fine balance required for setup adjustments, which affected his performance in races.

What did Alonso say about the challenges in Austria and Belgium?

He mentioned feeling uncomfortable with the car’s response to inputs and the struggle to balance setup adjustments for different aspects of the car.

What did Alonso’s recent podium in the Dutch GP signify?

It marked the end of his four-race streak without a podium finish and reasserted his position as a strong contender in the F1 season.

What was Alonso’s opinion on the reasons for his struggles?

Alonso stated that there was no clear explanation for his struggles, suggesting that it could be due to the car’s performance and package during that time.

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