Allison: Sidepods not the key to Red Bull’s dominance in F1

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During the new ground-effect era in Formula 1, various sidepod designs emerged, including Red Bull’s downwash approach. Ferrari introduced their in-wash bathtub solution, while Mercedes opted for zeropods.

However, as teams gained a better understanding of the current regulations and where they could achieve optimal development, the downwash concept gained popularity. Ferrari and Mercedes both shifted their designs towards this direction, resulting in significant progress for their cars.

Despite these advancements and the convergence on Red Bull’s design idea, Allison, a key figure at Mercedes, disagrees with the notion that sidepods play a crucial role in team performance. He emphasizes that all teams are essentially aiming to replicate the downwash concept in their designs.

“I would be surprised if there was any sidepod on the grid, including ours, that does not incorporate the down-washing principle,” explained Allison. “They have been utilizing downwash for years, and I expect that to continue in the future.”

According to him, the reason for Red Bull’s superiority and Mercedes’ performance improvement with their upgrade cannot be solely attributed to their sidepods. Allison believes that sidepods are not a significant contributing factor and do not hold much significance in determining a team’s performance.

While sidepod design has a lesser impact compared to other factors like floors, Aston Martin’s Technical Director, Dan Fallows, acknowledges their importance in the overall performance package. Fallows suggests that sidepods are crucial for flow tuning and conditioning the airflow to the rear of the car, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the floor.

“The philosophy we have adopted, which is gaining wider adoption across the grid, helps facilitate the functioning of the floor,” explained Fallows, referring to their waterslide variation idea. “While the performance improvements of the bodywork alone may not be significant, it contributes to the overall functioning of the car. So, it remains a substantial feature of the car.”

In conclusion, although sidepods have their role in optimizing the performance of Formula 1 cars, their impact is not as pronounced as other elements such as the floor design. Red Bull’s dominance cannot be solely attributed to their sidepods, and teams across the grid are actively working to replicate the downwash concept in their own designs.

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Q: Are sidepods the key factor in Red Bull’s dominance in Formula 1?

A: No, according to Allison, sidepods are not the key factor in explaining the performance of teams, including Red Bull. While teams have adopted different sidepod designs, they are all effectively trying to replicate the ‘downwash’ idea. Allison suggests that sidepods, although important for flow tuning, are not a significant feature in determining a team’s performance. Other factors, such as floor design, play a more substantial role in overall performance.

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RacingFan007 June 29, 2023 - 5:06 pm

hey i dun think sidepods matter much in F1. Teams all doin the downwash thingy anyway. Red Bull may b top now but it’s not just cuz of their sidepods. Other stuff like floors matter more. #F1 #RedBull

SpeedDemon92 June 30, 2023 - 3:57 am

Sidepods not da key to Red Bull’s F1 domination, as Allison says. All teams tryna copy downwash idea, so sidepods not dat big a deal. Other factors like floor design more important. #Formula1 #Sidepods

RaceTrackRacer June 30, 2023 - 7:51 am

Interesting to see how teams like Ferrari and Mercedes shifted their designs to follow the downwash trend. But hey, sidepods ain’t the whole story! Allison’s got a point, it’s not just ’bout the details. #Ferrari #Mercedes #Downwash


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