All You Need to Know About the F1 Italian Grand Prix: Starting Grid, How to Catch It, and Race Times

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Ladies and Gentlemen, rev up your engines! Ferrari’s own Carlos Sainz has snagged the pole position, much to the delight of home crowd Tifosi. No pressure, right?

But he’s got stiff competition. Lurking in the rearview mirror is Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, who’s gunning for a new record of consecutive grand prix wins. He’s already tied the previous record, held by Sebastian Vettel since 2013, and achieved at the recent Dutch GP.

What’s the Buzz on the Starting Time?

The rubber meets the road at 3pm local time (which is GMT +2, for those time zone aficionados among you) at the famous Monza circuit. Here’s a time zone cheat sheet, because who has time to do math?

  • Date: Gear up for Sunday, September 3, 2023
  • Start Time Across Different Zones:
    • 13:00 GMT
    • 14:00 BST
    • 15:00 CEST
    • 15:00 SAT
    • 16:00 EAT
    • 09:00 ET
    • 06:00 PT
    • 23:00 AEST
    • 22:00 JST
    • 18:30 IST

Session Timings for the Time Zone Nerds

Hey, some of us like to plan our weekends around F1 sessions, alright? Here’s a session-by-session breakdown in various time zones:

  • FP1: 11:30 GMT, 12:30 BST, 13:30 CEST…you get the drift.
  • FP2: Kicks off at 15:00 GMT and so on.
  • FP3: Rise and shine at 10:30 GMT.
  • Qualifying (Q): At 14:00 GMT, be there or be square.
  • The Big Race: 13:00 GMT. No excuses.

How to Be a Couch Potato with Style: Watching the F1 Italian Grand Prix

Formula 1 makes it easy, offering live broadcasts across the globe.


  • From Austria’s Servus TV to the UK’s Sky Sports F1, you’re covered.


  • Stateside? ESPN has got you. Oh Canada? RDS and TSN are your buddies.


  • China, India, Japan — they’ve all got channels dedicated to speed.


  • Down Under? Fox Sports, Foxtel, and Kayo are your mates.


  • SuperSport has the entire continent’s need for speed sorted.

Wanna Stream Instead?

You have options! F1 TV is available in certain regions for your streaming pleasure. Sky Sports and Movistar also have their live streaming game strong in the UK and Spain, respectively.

The Starting Grid Line-Up

Hold onto your hats; here’s the who’s who on the starting grid:

  1. Carlos Sainz: Ferrari, #55
  2. Max Verstappen: Red Bull Racing, #1
  3. Charles Leclerc: Ferrari, #16
  4. George Russell: Mercedes, #63
  5. Sergio Perez: Red Bull Racing, #11
  6. Alex Albon: Williams, #23
  7. Oscar Piastri: McLaren, #81
  8. Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes, #44
  9. Lando Norris: McLaren, #4
  10. Fernando Alonso: Aston Martin Racing, #14

And many more! You can view the full results, but those are your top 10 racers you’ll want to keep an eye on.

So there you have it, folks! Clear your Sunday schedule and prep your favorite race day snacks. This Italian GP is shaping up to be one for the books!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 Italian Grand Prix 2023

What time does the F1 Italian Grand Prix start?

The race starts at 3pm local time (GMT +2) at Monza on Sunday, September 3, 2023. For various time zones: 13:00 GMT, 14:00 BST, 15:00 CEST, and so on.

Who is starting from the pole position?

Carlos Sainz from Ferrari will be leading the pack as he starts from the pole position.

Is Max Verstappen close to breaking any records?

Absolutely! Max Verstappen, who will start second, is aiming to set a new record for most consecutive grand prix victories. He has currently equaled the previous record set by Sebastian Vettel in 2013.

How can I watch the race live?

The F1 Italian Grand Prix is broadcast live in almost every country. For example, in Europe, you can catch it on Sky Sports F1 in the UK or Servus TV in Austria. In the U.S., it’s broadcast on ESPN.

Are there streaming options available?

Yes, viewers can opt for F1 TV in selected countries. In the UK and Spain, Sky Sports and Movistar also offer their own live streaming services.

Who are the top 10 drivers on the starting grid?

  1. Carlos Sainz: Ferrari
  2. Max Verstappen: Red Bull Racing
  3. Charles Leclerc: Ferrari
  4. George Russell: Mercedes
  5. Sergio Perez: Red Bull Racing
  6. Alex Albon: Williams
  7. Oscar Piastri: McLaren
  8. Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes
  9. Lando Norris: McLaren
  10. Fernando Alonso: Aston Martin Racing

Can I get the session timings for the weekend?

Certainly! FP1 starts at 11:30 GMT, FP2 at 15:00 GMT, FP3 at 10:30 GMT, and Qualifying at 14:00 GMT. The main event, the race, will kick off at 13:00 GMT.

What channels are broadcasting the race in Asia?

In Asia, some of the channels broadcasting the race include CCTV in China, F1 TV only in India, and Fuji TV/DAZN in Japan.

What is the buzz around Carlos Sainz?

Carlos Sainz will be under the spotlight as he’s starting from pole position, and that too in Ferrari’s home Grand Prix at Monza. The Tifosi, or Italian F1 fans, will be closely watching his performance.

Is Lewis Hamilton in the top 10 starting grid?

Yes, Lewis Hamilton has secured the 8th position on the starting grid for the race, representing team Mercedes.

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