Alex Albon’s Masterful Tyre Strategy Stunned the F1 Paddock in Q3 Qualifying

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The Williams driver was a big surprise at the Melbourne race when he managed to get 8th place on the grid, just one spot away from Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in 7th. Even though Albon knows his team’s car isn’t super fast compared to other teams’, he believes that it was because of his and his engineers’ good work with handling tyre temperatures which gave him this success – where others seem to have failed.

“This whole weekend has been a real disaster: driving was unsafe and I felt like I had to drive beyond my comfort zone. However, when it came to qualifying, I felt really good. Then as soon as I got the hang of traction, I could push the limits.”

Alex Albon said the qualifying session went very well. He explained that every lap he drove was a little faster than the last, which is what led to his great result.

He also mentioned that everyone had problems while switching tyres on in Melbourne and this made it hard to predict what would happen at the weekend. Although, Williams have always been able to take advantage of these kinds of unpredictable situations.

At the beginning of qualifying we thought we were just an average driver, but when this unusual track came around and Tyres started to behave strangely, it allowed us to do really well.

When our weekends become more regular and predictable, we can use this to our advantage. Last year proved that too. We get the most out of the special races and make sure we’re successful, even when others have difficulties. Pirelli’s Formula 1 tire is a mystery to everyone, which we saw again at the Australian Grand Prix.

“It’s so weird,” he said. “Since the beginning of Pirelli tyres, it has been a mysterious process. So, to drive faster you actually have to drive more slowly. And if you go too fast early on, it’ll hurt you at the end of the lap, so it isn’t always obvious which is the best way to do things.

“My lap in Q3 was like this – I felt like I was pushing myself but not going over my limit and I had good grip for sector three as well. And it just worked.”

Sometimes when you start something and your performance is good in the beginning, you can end up doing less well if you try to do too much. That didn’t happen today.

Williams has had a really good start to the season and they’re the second best team when it comes to how much better they’ve performed since last year. Albon was really motivated because he knows he’ll have a chance at winning points in every race they compete in. He said that the team has lots of plans to work on their car and make it even better.

I’m so happy and the team is really excited too. We just got a small victory and we’re feeling great! We know there are good things coming, with lots of new upgrades coming to us, so let’s keep this energy up and see what happens. Now we can enjoy this win.

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