Albon’s Composure and Assurance “Infectious Across the Williams F1 Garage”

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Following an impressive performance in Canada, where Albon secured six points for the team, he narrowly missed the top 10 in Austria. However, the Anglo-Thai driver rebounded strongly with a top-eight finish at Silverstone, catapulting Williams ahead of Alfa Romeo in the constructors’ championship. This achievement brought the Grove team’s overall score to 11, all thanks to Albon.

Despite the anticipated challenges at a circuit that was not expected to play to Williams’ strengths, Albon managed to lay the groundwork for his top-ten finish, securing an eighth position during qualifying.

Yet, it wasn’t Albon’s admirable performance in Q3 or his exceptional fourth-place finish in Q2 that captured Williams’ admiration the most. Instead, it was his grace under fire during a late red flag incident in Q1.

With just three minutes left, Albon found himself in a tight spot, placed 20th after his first lap time was disqualified. However, he turned the situation around by managing a seventh-fastest lap in slightly wet conditions.

“What truly struck me about Alex was his absolute composure, especially when we found ourselves in an unfavorable position after the red flag in Q1,” commented Williams’ Head of Vehicle Performance, Dave Robson.

“We sent him back out into the queue, which leads to reduced tyre pressure, not an ideal way to commence a lap, but we needed a clear lap. He delivered an extraordinary lap under such circumstances, all originating from his complete composure when the red flag was raised.

“He was utterly composed, utterly relaxed, confident that he had everything under control.”

Dave Robson, Head of Vehicle Performance, Williams F1, in the team principals Press Conference

Photo by: FIA Pool

This was one instance of Albon’s consistent ability to secure points for the team almost every race weekend that the streamlined and efficient Williams FW45 could potentially handle. This, as Robson suggests, has had a motivational impact on the entire team.

“He’s there most of the time, definitely extracting the best performance out of the car. It’s a tremendous advantage because if you’re not maximizing its potential, confidence can take a hit,” explained Robson.

“I believe his composed demeanor stems from his confidence and his ability to get the most out of the car. In a way, it creates a positive vibe in the garage. If he had reacted nervously, it could have spiraled into a chaotic situation.

“And I believe that when he gets onto that upward trend and feels confident, he truly extracts the maximum performance from the car. This confidence becomes contagious.”

“You may hear him on the radio at times on the track, where a different, perhaps grumpier, and more irritable Alex emerges.

“In reality, that’s just his driving persona. The minute he returns to the garage and removes his helmet, he’s back to being calm and relaxed.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Albon’s confidence

How did Alex Albon perform in the races at Canada, Austria, and Silverstone?

Alex Albon had an excellent performance in Canada where he secured six points for the team. He narrowly missed the top 10 in Austria, but rebounded strongly with a top-eight finish at Silverstone.

How did Albon react to the red flag incident in Q1?

Despite the pressure of a late red flag in Q1 and being in 20th place, Albon remained completely calm and composed. He managed to salvage the situation by clocking a seventh-fastest lap in slightly damp conditions.

What is the impact of Albon’s calm demeanor on the team according to Dave Robson?

Dave Robson, Williams’ Head of Vehicle Performance, explained that Albon’s calmness and confidence, especially under pressure, has had a motivational impact on the entire team. It not only prevents chaotic situations but also breeds confidence within the team.

What is the driving persona of Albon according to Robson?

According to Robson, Albon can appear grumpy and irritable when he is driving, as heard on the radio at times. However, he asserts that this is just Albon’s driving persona and that he returns to being calm and relaxed once he’s back in the garage.

Where does Albon see his future in F1?

Albon sees his future in F1 with Williams, not Red Bull.

More about Albon’s confidence

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PetrolheadPatricia July 18, 2023 - 12:07 am

Always liked Albon… Great to see him doin so well at Williams! His calm demeanor is definitely somethin special. Onwards and upwards, Alex!!

F1fanatic1975 July 18, 2023 - 3:08 pm

Williams making a strong comeback this season, and much of it is down to Albon. his calmness is a true asset. Hope they can keep this up!


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