Albon: My F1 future is at Williams, not Red Bull

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Albon: Committing to Williams for my F1 Future, Not Red Bull

After delivering some remarkable performances for Williams this season, including an outstanding seventh-place finish in Canada where he successfully defended against fierce competition, Thai driver Alex Albon has once again attracted attention. His impressive display earned him the coveted F1 Driver of the Day Award, voted for by fans.

Christian Horner, Albon’s former boss at Red Bull, also praised his recent form, fueling speculation about a possible return to the team that had dropped him from a race seat at the end of 2020. However, Albon has made it unequivocally clear that he is thoroughly enjoying his current role at Williams and has no intention of racing anywhere else.

When asked about a potential return to Red Bull, Albon responded, “Truthfully, my primary focus is with this team, as you can already see. This isn’t a short-term arrangement. I’m committed for the long haul and genuinely relishing the experience of working with the team in my current position.”

He added, “I feel like we’re embarking on a journey together, and I want to continue this trajectory. While the future holds its own surprises, for now, I’m extremely content where I am.”

Albon dismissed the notion that Horner’s positive remarks following the Canadian Grand Prix were out of the ordinary, revealing that his former boss regularly keeps in touch. “Christian frequently sends me messages, commending my performance and offering encouragement,” Albon shared. “It’s always gratifying to maintain such a relationship with an ex-team principal.”

Although Albon is no longer contending for victories and podium finishes as he did during his tenure at Red Bull, he insists that he is enjoying Formula 1 racing more now than ever before. He particularly emphasizes the importance of his improved mental state and overall happiness.

“Mentally, I’m in a good place, no doubt about that,” he affirmed. “I genuinely feel that I play a vital role at Williams. While I can’t speak for the other drivers on the team, my time at Red Bull, at least internally, was well managed. It was a fairly standard racing team experience in that regard.”

He continued, “However, externally, my lack of experience and not just in terms of driving, but also in dealing with the overall F1 circus, posed some challenges for me. But as I’ve matured and gained more experience, I find myself in a better place overall.”

Albon attributes his improved mental strength and increased maturity to his current success. “Naturally, it’s become easier as I’ve grown both mentally and professionally. I feel stronger now, and I believe I’m performing at my best.”

While content with his current situation, Albon acknowledges that Williams still faces a considerable journey to achieve its goals in Formula 1. “There’s still work to be done,” he admitted. “We can’t claim that the car feels perfect at all times. There are certain corners and types of circuits that present challenges. However, at tracks like Canada, we hit the ground running.”

He also highlighted the significant progress made by the team this year compared to the previous season. “Race after race, we’ve seen impressive improvements. In FP1, it often feels like we’re already matching or even surpassing last year’s qualifying lap times. That provides a tremendous confidence boost.”

Albon concluded, “We’ve taken big strides forward this year, and there’s a sense that in each race, we have a chance to reach Q2, and sometimes even Q3, which was more difficult last year.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 future

Q: Is Alex Albon considering a return to Red Bull in the future?

A: No, Alex Albon has made it clear that he is committed to his current team, Williams, and has no desire to race for Red Bull again. He is enjoying his time at Williams and sees it as a long-term commitment.

Q: Did Alex Albon receive praise from his former boss at Red Bull?

A: Yes, Christian Horner, Alex Albon’s former boss at Red Bull, praised his recent form and performance. He has been in regular contact with Albon, congratulating him on his achievements.

Q: How does Alex Albon compare his experience at Williams to his time at Red Bull?

A: According to Albon, he feels mentally stronger and happier at Williams. While he acknowledges that his time at Red Bull was well managed internally, he struggled with the external pressures and lack of experience. With maturity and growth, he believes he is now in a better place both mentally and professionally.

Q: Is Williams making progress compared to last year?

A: Yes, Williams has made significant strides forward this year compared to the previous season. Albon mentions that the team’s performance has improved, and they have been able to achieve lap times similar to or even better than last year’s qualifying times. He feels confident in their progress and believes they have a chance to reach higher positions in qualifying.

Q: Does Alex Albon see a long-term future with Williams?

A: Yes, Alex Albon sees his future in Formula 1 with Williams. He expresses a strong commitment to the team and emphasizes that he is enjoying his current journey with them. He wants to continue the progress they have been making and is content with his position at the team.

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F1Fanatic July 1, 2023 - 8:08 am

wow albon saying he not want go back to red bull, seems like he happy where he is at williams, good for him hope he keep doing well #AlbonFanForever

RedBullFanatic July 1, 2023 - 9:42 am

Albon saying he not want to come back to Red Bull, that’s a shame. We could use him, he had some good races with us. But if he’s happy at Williams, then I wish him all the best. Maybe one day he’ll change his mind! #AlbonComeback


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