Albon “licking my lips” after safety car in F1 British GP

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Albon savors safety car opportunity in F1 British GP

After starting from eighth position, the Williams driver was part of a group that opted for longer first stints and timed their pit stops perfectly during a virtual safety car period triggered by Kevin Magnussen’s stoppage on the track.

The virtual safety car turned into a full safety car period, and Albon found himself in ninth place after the restart. He successfully overtook Carlos Sainz and in the final laps, he relentlessly chased Fernando Alonso while keeping Charles Leclerc at bay.

Before his impressive eighth-place finish, Albon showcased strong performance in all three free practice sessions, indicating the competitiveness of the FW45 at Silverstone.

Reflecting on his weekend, Albon expressed, “It was a fantastic weekend. Despite P8 being the worst position I had during the free practices, qualifying, and the race, the car’s speed was remarkable.”

“We anticipated a more challenging race with Fernando and Checo [Perez] behind us. I had some difficulties at the start, possibly due to cement residue from the Porsches in the support race. Although I lacked grip initially, we managed to find a good rhythm for most of the race. The car felt great,” he added.

Albon acknowledged the fortunate timing of the safety car period, stating, “I have to admit that the safety car came out at the perfect moment. We pitted and had a restart, which had me licking my lips in anticipation. The Ferraris were on harder compounds, and I was able to overtake Carlos. It was a challenging race, with surprising pace compared to Fernando. Towards the end, Charles was closing in rapidly.”

He further described the race as a constant battle of progressing and defending, saying, “It was a race of constantly looking ahead and checking what was happening behind. It turned into a fierce competition. I wouldn’t have wanted the race to last one more lap.”

When asked about the consequences of an additional lap, Albon shared his theory, saying, “If there was one more lap, Charles would have overtaken both of us. If it was two laps, Charles would have overtaken both of us, and I would have overtaken Fernando.”

Albon highlighted that the team expected the car to perform better at Silverstone compared to other tracks, but the overall form still surprised them. He explained, “We can easily anticipate our highs and lows, unlike McLaren, who couldn’t have predicted their pace this weekend. Tracks with less downforce and more full-throttle sections suit us. That’s our comfort zone. It’s also crucial for the track temperature to remain cool, like today, which made us more competitive. Moreover, less braking favors our performance. So Silverstone turned out to be favorable for us.”

Following Albon’s achievement at Silverstone, Williams secured seventh place in the championship, sharing the same number of points with Haas.

“This year, we undeniably have a faster car, and the new package has raised the bar. However, we shouldn’t expect to score points in every race, especially not in Hungary. Our focus remains on circuits like Spa and Monza. We’re in a great position, and when the opportunity arises in the upcoming races, we must capitalize on it to maintain our seventh-place standing,” Albon concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Safety car opportunity

What position did Alex Albon finish in the F1 British GP?

Alex Albon finished in eighth place in the F1 British GP.

How did the safety car period benefit Alex Albon?

The safety car period provided Alex Albon with an opportunity to make a pit stop at an advantageous time, allowing him to gain track position and ultimately finish in a strong position.

How did Alex Albon’s car perform during the race?

Alex Albon’s car, the Williams FW45, showed promising speed throughout the race weekend. Despite starting from eighth place, Albon’s car demonstrated competitive performance and allowed him to make impressive overtakes.

Why was Alex Albon concerned about the race lasting one more lap?

Alex Albon believed that if the race had lasted one more lap, Charles Leclerc would have overtaken both him and Fernando Alonso. He felt that his position would have been compromised in the closing stages of the race.

How did Williams fare in the championship after the British GP?

After the British GP, Williams secured seventh place in the championship, tied on points with Haas. This marked a positive achievement for the team and demonstrated their improved performance.

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