Acosta MotoGP announcement on hold as KTM “works on solution for everybody”

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KTM’s announcement regarding their MotoGP plans for 2024 has been put on hold as the company deals with a challenging situation. Currently, there is a dilemma for the Austrian manufacturer as they have five riders under contract for the upcoming season, but only four available bikes at this time.

This issue revolves around Pedro Acosta, the standout talent in Moto2 and the anticipated future star. He is confirmed to make the move up to MotoGP in 2024. However, complications arise from the existing contracts of both Jack Miller and Brad Binder, who have secured factory deals until 2026. Additionally, the Tech3 riders also seem to have their positions secured for the 2024 season.

Amid this situation, Augusto Fernandez revealed during the British GP that he has signed a new agreement to continue competing in MotoGP for the next year. Similarly, Pol Espargaro reiterated at the recent Austrian GP that he’s in a safe position due to his two-year contract signed in the previous season.

KTM has explored various options to address this challenge, including discussions with LCR and Gresini for potential satellite partnerships in 2024. However, LCR is committed to its Honda partnership, and Gresini has recently renewed its contract with Ducati. Additionally, KTM’s plans to take over the two grid slots left by Suzuki have been blocked by Dorna Sports, the organization behind MotoGP, which intends to reserve those slots for a new factory team.

The expectation was that KTM would unveil their plans for 2024 during their home race in Austria. However, Pit Beirer, the head of KTM’s motorsport division, has stated that no announcement will be made at this time. Beirer emphasized that discussions are ongoing, and KTM is striving to find a solution that benefits all parties involved and retains their riders. Beirer noted that they are working against an undisclosed deadline for a decision regarding the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MotoGP seat logjam

What is the issue KTM is currently facing for the 2024 MotoGP season?

KTM is dealing with a situation where they have five riders contracted for 2024 but only four available bikes due to seat availability.

Who is the prominent rider at the center of this situation?

Pedro Acosta, the Moto2 championship leader and a promising talent, is set to step up to MotoGP in 2024.

What challenges do Jack Miller and Brad Binder’s contracts pose?

Both Miller and Binder have secured factory deals extending to the end of 2026, adding complexity to KTM’s rider allocation.

Are the Tech3 riders also part of this challenge?

Yes, both Tech3 riders have seemingly secured their positions for the 2024 season.

Have there been attempts to expand KTM’s presence on the grid?

KTM explored options of collaborating with LCR and Gresini for satellite partnerships in 2024, but faced challenges due to existing agreements.

Why hasn’t KTM been able to fill the grid slots left by Suzuki?

Dorna Sports, which oversees MotoGP, has reserved these slots for a new factory team, preventing KTM’s expansion.

When was KTM expected to announce their 2024 plans?

An announcement was anticipated during KTM’s home race in Austria, but it has been postponed due to ongoing discussions.

What is Pit Beirer’s stance on the situation?

Pit Beirer, KTM’s motorsport boss, expressed the company’s commitment to finding a solution that benefits all parties involved and retains their riders.

Is there a set deadline for making a decision on this matter?

Yes, there is a deadline set by KTM’s technicians, although the specific date hasn’t been disclosed.

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