10 Key Takeaways from the 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

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Formula 1’s return to Las Vegas after a 40-year hiatus was nothing short of spectacular. The weekend kicked off with a bang, and although Max Verstappen ultimately claimed victory, it was a hard-fought battle. Here are the 10 crucial lessons we gleaned from the action-packed 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix:

  1. Verstappen’s Invincibility: Max Verstappen’s path to victory was far from smooth, with a Leclerc pass, a five-second penalty, and a clash with George Russell threatening his lead. Still, Verstappen’s determination prevailed, and he emerged victorious. It seems not even a global apocalypse could stop him—well, maybe just a slightly dodgy set-up in a Southeast Asian city-state.

  2. Perez’s Resurgence: Sergio Perez has found his form in recent races, even though he lost out on a podium finish in the final laps. He seems to be in a much better groove compared to the middle of the season, quelling speculation about his future with Red Bull.

  3. Leclerc’s Heroic Effort: Charles Leclerc put up a fantastic fight and nearly toppled Verstappen. Despite his disappointment, he pushed until the very last lap, believing that victory was within reach had it not been for a safety car.

  4. Thrilling Racing in Las Vegas: The Las Vegas circuit delivered great racing, with multiple overtaking opportunities, particularly on the long straights and corners with varying grip levels. Even Lewis Hamilton managed a daring move, showcasing the track’s potential.

  5. Legal Fallout from FP1 Incident: The water valve incident during FP1 could have continued legal repercussions. Fans were evacuated, FP2 was held behind closed doors, and compensation lawsuits are in the works, echoing a similar incident in 2017 involving Haas.

  6. Mixed Reactions to Pre-Race Spectacle: The pre-race spectacle featuring drones, neon lights, and celebrity appearances received mixed reviews from drivers. While some embraced the extravaganza, others considered it more show than a sporting event.

  7. Norris’s Crash and Piastri’s Heroics: Lando Norris’s early crash at Turn 12 led to a brief hospital visit, but he was cleared. Oscar Piastri stepped up for McLaren, delivering an impressive drive from a poor qualifying position.

  8. Mercedes’ Struggles Continue: Mercedes faces a tough battle in the constructors’ championship, with Ferrari closing in. George Russell’s mid-race incident and Lewis Hamilton’s misfortunes added to their challenges.

  9. Ocon and Stroll Shine: Esteban Ocon defied team orders to secure fourth place, while Lance Stroll’s impressive rise through the ranks resulted in a fifth-place finish. Both drivers impressed amid difficult seasons.

  10. Brawn: The Impossible F1 Story: Away from the track, Disney+ launched a documentary about Brawn GP’s remarkable 2009 championship win. The documentary features insights from key figures in the sport and adds depth to a memorable season.

As the 2023 F1 season heads to its conclusion in Abu Dhabi, these takeaways from the Las Vegas Grand Prix will undoubtedly shape the narrative in the final race.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Takeaways

What happened at the 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix?

The 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix was an exciting race that saw Max Verstappen emerge as the winner despite facing challenges from Charles Leclerc and others. The race featured multiple safety cars and overtaking opportunities on the Las Vegas circuit.

How did Max Verstappen secure victory?

Verstappen’s victory was hard-earned. He faced a Leclerc pass, a five-second penalty, and a clash with George Russell. However, Verstappen’s determination prevailed, and he reclaimed the lead after his pitstop, ultimately winning the race.

Did Sergio Perez perform well at the race?

Yes, Sergio Perez showed improved form in the race, even leading portions of it. However, he couldn’t fend off Leclerc’s late-race challenge and had to settle for third place. Despite missing out on a podium finish, Perez’s recent performances have been promising.

What made the Las Vegas circuit special for racing?

The Las Vegas circuit offered ample opportunities for overtaking, with long straights and corners that varied in grip levels. Drivers had to navigate a low-grip track surface and cool temperatures, leading to exciting on-track action.

Was there any legal fallout from the FP1 incident?

Yes, the FP1 incident involving a loose manhole cover had legal consequences. Fans were evacuated, and FP2 was held behind closed doors. Lawsuits seeking compensation were initiated, drawing parallels with a similar incident involving Haas in 2017.

How did Esteban Ocon and Lance Stroll perform in the race?

Esteban Ocon defied team orders to secure fourth place, showcasing his skills. Lance Stroll impressed by making up ten places at the start, eventually finishing in fifth place. Both drivers had strong performances amidst their respective challenges.

What impact did the race have on the constructors’ championship?

Mercedes faced challenges in the constructors’ championship due to George Russell’s mid-race incident and Lewis Hamilton’s difficulties. With Ferrari closing in, Mercedes must work hard to maintain their position in the championship.

Tell me more about the Brawn Disney+ documentary mentioned.

Disney+ launched a documentary called “Brawn: The Impossible F1 Story” during the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend. The documentary chronicles the incredible journey of Brawn GP in the 2009 season, when they clinched both F1 titles against all odds. It features interviews with key figures and provides fresh insights into the dramatic season.

How can I stay updated on the 2023 F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi?

To stay updated on the 2023 F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi and all F1-related news, you can follow reputable sports news outlets, visit the official Formula 1 website, or engage with F1 communities and social media channels.

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TeamMercFan November 20, 2023 - 4:31 pm

mercedes strugglin, but we’ll bounce back in abu dhabi, go team merc!

DocuLover22 November 21, 2023 - 4:07 am

that brawn docu on disney+ is a must-watch, brings back memories from 09!

F1Fanatic23 November 21, 2023 - 4:37 am

wow! vegas grand prix was so cool this year, verstappen rocks, but perez needs to watch out for leclerc!

LegalEagle88 November 21, 2023 - 10:56 am

manhole incident = lawsuits, no bueno! haas did it before tho

SpeedDemon45 November 21, 2023 - 1:26 pm

those big straights in vegas were amazin, made for epic racin!


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